July 10, 2009

Summer Time When the Livin's Easy

So as most people know, we are living in Baltimore, MD for the summer. On may 4th we packed up everything that could fit in the Passat and made the 2,121 mile (36 hour) trek cross country!
Johnny is working out here for a summer sales company called Pinnacle Security. He is quite the salesman, as this is his 3rd summer doing this, and is doing extremely well. It has been a blast living on the east coast and being so close to so many amazing places, but I am glad it is only for the summer. The east coast is way different and it is hard being so far away from family and friends and so when we "grow up", i think we will settle down a little closer to home :)

So far this summer we have visited 7 states and done everything from riding rollercoasters and playing on beaches, to visiting amish land and exploring caves! Here's the visual....

Inner Harbor

Our first week here we decided to go check out the famous Inner Harbor in downtown Baltimore. We walked along the harbor and checked out the shops and restaurants. This is a cute area with a ton to do and a very fun place to walk around and people watch.

Six Flags

Johnny and I both love roller coasters so six flags was one of our first adventures of the summer. The day we were here i swear there had to have been less than 100 people in the whole park cause we walked on the every ride without a wait. It was so slow that you could stay on and ride anything you wanted over again. And that's exactly what we did! We rode every ride at least twice and some of the big ones over and over and over again! I love rides, but I didn't realize how hard core Johnny was. By the 6th time in a row on the Superman roller coaster I was begging Johnny to be done and so I made him ride solo the last go around. We conquered the whole part in under 3 hours and we left with tummy aches and our heads ready to explode!

Washington D.C.

Memorial Day weekend we headed down to D.C. with our friends Casey and Chanthoeun Barrus. (This is the only decent picture I have from my camera because Chanthoeun is a fabulous photographer and was nice enough to snap shots of us all day and i haven't gotten them from her yet.)
It was crazy getting into town because they had the streets blocked off for a parade and we had a small man versus GPS struggle going on, so it took us an hour longer than planned. I hadn't been to D.C. since I went with my Dad in 6th grade so it was awesome to be there again.

My favorite was the WWII Memorial that has been added since I was there last. It was beautiful and really added a lot the area. The Mall was crowded and it was drizzling so by the time we walked from the capital building to the lincoln memorial and back we were wet and pretty tuckered out, so we called it a day.

Johnny's family came out for a visit in the end of May. It was great to see them and way fun to have some company to go out and see the sights with while Johnny was at work.
We met up with them in Philadelphia, where Ryan and Kaeli are living for the summer, to hang out. We had a fun campout in on the living room floor with the whole fam!

Long Beach Island, New Jersey

We went to this beautiful shore side town in New Jersey. It was a chilly day for the beach so I thought i was being brave for even getting down to my swimsuit, but I was put to shame by Johnny, Jake and Ryan who got right into to freezing water.

I still had fun taking pictures and building sand mer-mans.


Day two we ventured into po-dunk, USA to "Amish Country" in a town honestly called Intercourse. We had a "fresh from the farm" lunch and watched people drive around in carriages. Kinda mind blowing...

Wendy found this great covered bridge where we stopped for a little photo sesh.

then we were off to our next adventure...

Hersey Pennsylvania

"Its like Disney World.. But with Chocolate."
--Johnny Tall

Inner Harbor- Baltimore, Maryland

Washington D.C.

July 3, 2009

...in the beginning.

So I have recently been introduced to the world of blogging by my good friend Kyrsten Geddes. I really didn't want another online endeavor to waste away hours of my life, but after much deliberation I gave up and decided to join in!

So much has happened in the last year of my life it is hard to know where to start...
John & I have now been married for 9 1/2 months, it has been a joy and an adventure! He is an amazing husband and as cliche as it sounds, he's truly my best friend. We have such a great relationship and have loved every second of being married!
We have had so many amazing experiences and such happy times deserving of documentation, I will have to do some catching up.....

The Joys of Dating

Johnny and I had a fabulous dating experience. We starting seriously dating Christmas break of 2007. We had been good buddies and lunch date friends for the few months prior, but I never would have guessed at that point we would be getting married in less than a year! John had more of an agenda earlier than i knew, but he played it cool and totally took me for surprise. Our whole time being together was super fun and stress free. John made it VERY easy to fall so completely in love with him :). We starting taking about getting married in the spring and by April it was decided.

Summer 2008

John and I were "unofficially" engaged when I moved out to Seattle where John was selling for the summer. I was only there for 2 months, but in that time, Seattle became one of mine, if not my very favorite cities.

I didn't have a ring on my finger until June 8, 2008. Johnny was getting grief from Wendy and me about not proposing yet. I didn't know he had even shopped for one when he surprised me at this amazing beach house on the Washington coast. I forgot my camera, the only pictures I have from this day were taken from a disposable camera and I used up all the film before he actually proposed!

Johnny did such a great job picking out the ring. It was everything I would have wanted. It was a total shock for me and I loved that he managed to pull off the surprise. This was a perfect day, and one of the happiest moments of my life. Defiantly worth the wait!

The rest of the summer was bitter sweet. It was hard being away from Johnny, but it was great to spend time with my family.

We met up at Lake Powell for a trip with Johnny's family. It was my first time to Powell on a house boat and we had such a great time!

We didn't have engagement pictures yet so our good friend Jessica Bingham took some amazing shots in the middle of the lake that we used for our announcements.

The rest of the summer was consisted of Johnny working hard in Seattle and me working on planning the wedding in Pocatello at my dad's house that wasn't finished yet. I was so thankful for a supportive family to work with. Everyone (Mom, Dad, Wendy, Kelli, Stacy) spend so much time and energy helping, it wouldn't have happened without them!

September 13th 2008

Even with the grass being laid the day before and the deck being finished on the house the morning of our wedding, everything come together beautifully for a PERFECT day!!

Everything Else

The last 9 1/2 months have been nothing short of fabulous~! We have had an exciting crazy busy year with school, work, traveling, moving, etc. but hard work pays off. Johnny graduated this May from Utah state and we (along with both our families) are excited to see what Johnny will do with his business entrepreneurship major and where life with take us! He will probably continue his schooling and get his MBA the next few years. John is super motivated and creative. Everyone who knows him, should have no doubt he will be amazing at whatever he decides to do!

We will be back in Logan in the fall for me to finish my undergrad at USU. I am studying Exercise Science and doing P.A. prerequisites. If all goes well, i will be graduating in either the spring or summer of 2010 and have plans to go to Physician Assistant school the following year.

This isn't close to the full recap of such a fun year, but I have to start somewhere!